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Welcome to De La Salle High School R.E. Department

In the Religious Studies department, each and every pupil is treated as special, as a child of God.  During their time in De La Salle each child is nurtured and supported on their life journey towards God.  Each pupil starts their journey from different platforms but they travel together with the help of their Religious Studies teacher their parents and the school chaplain to a greater understanding of God, themselves and others.


Christian Responsibility

The Religious Studies department is a wonderful platform to promote charity and empathy within our school.  In Religious Studies class, pupils will explore and evaluate various religious, moral and global issues.  The pupils will be able to construct informed decisions based on the teachings of the gospel.



School Founder

De La Salle High School is based around the principles of Saint John Baptiste De La Salle (30th April 1651 – 7th April 1719).  He was a priest, educational reformer and founder of the institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.


He is the patron saint of teachers.  He dedicated much of his life to the education of poor children in France.  His values of equality, fairness and education for all are echoed within our school.  Religious Studies is at the centre of this ideology.



Our Team


Mr K Murray

 Miss C Butcher

 Mrs T Herron

Mrs D McStay




What pupils will learn in Year 8?


I am special – Pupils will identify their own uniqueness and their importance to God, their family and to their school.



The Rosary – Pupils will learn about the origin and the importance of the Rosary in Catholic worship.  They will be able to say the rosary with particular emphasis on the Joyful Mysteries.  Pupils will participate in Rosary based prayer services in the prayer room.



The Bible – Pupils will learn how the Bible is a sacred book for Christians, inspired by God himself.  Pupils will learn about the structure of the Bible and about characters from the Bible.  Pupils will learn about the four Evangelists (gospel writers) and how to locate a bible reference.



The story of Christmas – Pupils will learn about the story of Jesus’ birth and the conflict between religion and commercialism at Christmas.


Palestine – Pupils will learn about the history, geography and social setting in first century Palestine.  Pupils in pairs will design, construct and present Powerpoint presentations to their class on what they have learned.  Pupils will also have the chance to construct first century Jewish houses.









































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